The Beer

  • Barn Swallow Farmhouse Ale 5.5%

    Barn Swallow Farmhouse Ale 5.5%

    Made entirely with Nova Scotia Horton Ridge Malt, this golden yellow ale boasts fruit and spicy aromas and tastes. Its dry taste is true to the Belgian style and has a slight but present hop character. Extremely refreshing this beer goes well with cheese and fruit.

  • Cold Porridge Oatmeal Stout 5.5%

    Cold Porridge Oatmeal Stout 5.5%

    Brewed with 15% flaked oats, this stout has an extremely smooth and rounded taste. Chocolate and coffee notes abound with a gentle hop character that tops off this delicious brew! Great with hard cheeses or beef mains.

  • Grist Mill Wheat Beer 3.8%

    Grist Mill Wheat Beer 3.8%

    We use a 50% ratio of malted wheat in this seasonal recipe, resulting in a light, fruity, spicy and hazy beer with a bit of hoppy bitterness to boot! A great addition for those hot and lazy summer afternoons on the deck.

  • Surf and Turf Scotch Ale 6.2%

    Surf and Turf Scotch Ale 6.2%

    A silver medal winner at the 2015 Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards, this seasonal strong scotch ale is made with seaweed and peated malt, giving it an exceptionally smooth savory taste forward with an earthy scotch finish. Brewed annually for the Dinner on The Ocean Floor event, you need to be on the lookout for this one - as it is as rare as it is delicious.

  • Summer Solstice IPA 4.5%

    Summer Solstice IPA 4.5%

    This session IPA is lighter in alcohol but packed with hop aroma and taste. Brewed primarily in the summer months the summer solstice is a great BBQ or bonfire beer for the true hop enthusiast. It goes exceptionally well with spicy dishes.

  • Shack Wacky Apple Cider 6.5%

    Shack Wacky Apple Cider 6.5%

    In our seasonal cider, we use pure juice from 100% Annapolis Valley apples. The result varies from season to season, however, our intent is to produce a dry, crisp, carbonated cider that can be enjoyed year round. Recommended pairings would include fruit and cheese.

  • Meander River Homegrown 4.2%

    Meander River Homegrown 4.2%

    Homegrown is our once a year offering of a wet hopped brew made entirely with hops grown on the farm. The hops are picked fresh and brewed within 24 hours to create a very unique, smooth, extremely tasty golden beer with exceptional hop character.

  • Haymaker Double IBA 8.4%

    Haymaker Double IBA 8.4%

    This seasonal brown ale is intensely hopped throughout the brewing process to achieve the rich hoppy flavour and bitter finish characteristic of the style. This brew packs a big punch, hence the name.