The Beer

  • Ashdale Honey Brown 5.2%

    Ashdale Honey Brown 5.2%

    Brewed with honey from hives on the farm, this dark brown ale is lightly hopped with a balanced sweet forward flavour and a smooth toffee finish. This beer goes exceptionally well with hard cheeses.

  • Lunch Box Pale Ale 6.5%

    Lunch Box Pale Ale 6.5%

    This dark amber ale comes in at the high end of the pale ale style, just short of an IPA. There is an abundance of citrus forward aroma and flavour from the Chinook hops with a bitter finish. This beer goes well with most foods, but especially well with spicy dishes.

  • Smokey Chipotle Porter 7.2%

    Smokey Chipotle Porter 7.2%

    Brewed with cherry smoked malt and infused with chipotle peppers, this brew has rich dark chocolate notes with a nice hop balance, full smokey flavour and a subtle bite of spice on the finish. Serve with cheese and hors d'oeuvres, red meat, or as a night cap.