About the Farm

About Meander River Farm Brewery

A family that brews together…

Meander River Farm is a 186 acre mixed farm operation specializing in hops and lavender. The property has been in our family since the early 1960′s and is now stewarded by us, the second generation, Alan and Brenda, and our children Fraser and Campbell.


The farm house is estimated to be 200 years old and extensive renovations have extended its life for another century. The property boasts 2 kilometers of frontage on the Meander River, known by locals for its brook trout, spring kayaking and deep swimming holes. A tributary of the Meander River bisects the farm and boasts a deep ravine with the highest waterfalls in West Hants County.

Historical maps and records show the presence of a sawmill and gristmill on the river, partly substantiated by the grist mill wheel reclaimed from the river and now integrated into the extensive perennial gardens on the farm. Local folklore suggests previous residents include a doctor, miller and a bootlegger, apparently a common occupation in rural Nova Scotia in years gone by.

As a means of revitalizing the farm, we also pasture livestock. Pigs are our ploughs; excavator in the front, fertilizer spreader in the back, reclaiming neglected pastures to extend our fields. Chickens and turkeys fertilize as they weed.

The farm is also home to Meander River Brewery, dedicated to creating delicious beer using ingredients produced on our farm and from other Nova Scotia farms.