Experience the Farm

An experience unlike any other

page3_pic1We want your visit to Meander River Farm and Brewery to be memorable and one you will share with others.

When visiting the farm, there are a number of exciting, and relaxing activities to explore. Those up for the challenge can get their hands dirty, and enjoy an authentic days work in the hop fields or lavender garden. Those looking for a more relaxed experience may find themselves tasting our unique brews, or relaxing on a rustic farm tour.

The farm house is estimated to be 200 years old and extensive renovations have extended its life for another century. The property boasts 2 kilometers of frontage on the Meander River, known by locals for its brook trout, spring kayaking and deep swimming holes. A tributary of the Meander River bisects the farm and boasts a deep ravine with the highest waterfalls in West Hants County.

Farm Tours


When the farm is open, visitors who want to view what the farm has to offer on their own, can obtain a map of the property at the brewery. Guided tours are also available, and offer a more educational and personal experience. They are not restricted to normal business hours and can be customized for your personal interests.

Regardless of your preference, guests are requested to check in at the brewery. Summertime guests can visit and interact with the livestock, walk through the hop yards and lavender field, stroll through the extensive perennial gardens, hike to the water falls, explore the 175 acre woodlot,  swim or fish in the Meander River or simply find a private spot to relax or enjoy a picnic. The farm slows down in the winter, and hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are available to the adventurous. We prefer guided tours be arranged in advance, but may be available by chance. Tours take approximately 2 hours on foot, and cost $10 per person.

Brewery Tours


Brewery tours are available by reservations or by chance at a cost of $10 per person. Tours take approximately 45 minutes and will walk you through the entire brewing process and facility.

Tours end in the tasting area where you can relax and enjoy a free sampling of the “brew of the day” and a 10% discount on your beer purchase in the retail store.

Work on the farm


There is always work to do on the farm, and we welcome visitors who want to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and to see how good they feel after a hard day’s work.

You determine the amount of time you work. The ambitious farmhands, who contribute a full day of work, starting at 8am, with a break for lunch, and finishing at 4pm, will have time at the end of the day to swim, relax and share stories with fellow workers, before sharing a meal or BBQ high-lighting seasonal ingredients from the farm. The occasional bonfire and impromptu jam session have also been known to occur. Reservations are required.

About our Livestock


Currently we raise pigs, chickens and turkeys on the farm, with future plans to include lamb.

Since all the livestock is “pasture raised” they are only present during the summer months. Pasture-raised animals are fenced for protection from predators, but provided area to roam freely, carry out their natural behaviors, and forage for nutritious grasses, plants and insects.

In addition to dramatically improving the welfare of the animals, pasturing is known to yield meat, eggs, and dairy products that are tastier and more nutritious than foods produced on factory farms. Pasturing also eliminates the need for antibiotics when compared to animals raised in confined conditions, which breed bacteria. We do supplement the animal’s nutritional needs with non-medicated, chemical free feed. We use pigs to plow and fertilize the land for expanding our crops and the chickens and turkeys to weed and provide fertilizer. We sell our pigs each fall by the side or as whole animals and interested customers should contact us in the early spring to confirm orders.